This is a simple tool to know the best momo you can buy with the best return for the total hashpower/money spent ratio. If you are willing to put a low amount of money I recommend you search for the rare momos they have the best return for your money.



  • The price of MBOX in USD are provided by CoinGecko.
  • The mining hash power per day is set dinamically each time you refresh the page, but you can set to whatever you want too.
  • The USD calculated from the mining per day and per month is the MBOX tokens generated and converted on the actual value in the market. A month is considered to have 30 days, so it is a approximation.
  • If you select the rare momos it will show the genereted MBOX/USD with the set complete with 60 power and assuming the 3 other momos will cost to you 60 USD.
  • * New Feature * Now you can integrate your Telegram bot to tell you when a good offer appears! Configure your setup below and beat those filthy bots. If you don't know how to create your bot here it is the official documentation from Telegram.


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